Overlord doubles down on the mayhem as the team of Workers are put to the test. Will they survi-ha ha ha. This episode was just plain fun.

Is it wrong that I like Entoma’s “new” voice over her old one?

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....

Well, this episode was quite the spectacle, wasn’t it? Picking up from last week’s climax, the 4 teams of workers arrive at the mysterious new tomb, each one taking an outer mausoleum before meeting up at the center. As one of the teams investigates their mausoleum, they see an unfamiliar crest, however to the audience, it just confirms our suspicions from the last episode: the tomb they’re raiding is Nazarick.

So of course, everyone’s going to die. Ainz/Momon even bluntly states it himself.

Yes. Yes they will.


The question is of course, how they’ll die. However, it’d be quite boring for the Workers to die without getting to know them a bit, and the episode does a wonderful job of briefly showcasing each team’s leader to give some history to them. I suspect that this is another case of the light novel source going into much more detail about each team leader’s history and abilities, but adding that into the anime would be too extraneous for what is, or will be, a chunk of meat.

Nonetheless, what the show gives is more than enough to get a grasp about who these people are. As Foresight and the human in white armor were described enough in the last episode, the other two team leaders are given some air time this episode. The short, armored human (or is he a dwarf?...) speaks formally around strangers to give off a sense of bravado, but is quite the laidback guy with his team. The elderly priest is shrewd, opting to send in the other teams first to set off any traps (he refers to the other teams as “canaries,”referring to the practice of coal miners bringing canaries with them into the mines), so he’s probably seen his fair share of tomb raiding.


Of course, none of that experience helps when it comes to raiding Nazarick.

Once Ains returns to his throne room, he confers with Albedo about the intruders. I was mildly surprised at this, as I didn’t expect Albedo to take charge of the plans to dispatch each team, but I’m always glad to see her being more involved.


Good ol’ video game conveniences.

There’s a perverse sense of humor that Overlord has in making sure that the victims always have a chance to boast about their strength, before mercilessly killing them. Of course, it’s that humor that makes Overlord so much fun.


What really sells this episode though is the chance to see new denizens of Nazarick, as well as some fun interactions with already familiar characters. For example, after being mildly ridiculed by a Worker, the Pleadies maids state their killing intent, though Yuri Alpha refocuses them all and reminds them what their aims are. It’s a nice character moment for Big Sister Yuri, who, like many other characters, don’t get much spotlight.

Some of the new characters, even if they’re one-offs, follow Overlord’s very fun, very neat character designs. The insect mage (I’m guessing) shares some fun conversation with the stout knight (before he gets eaten), and the squid lady seems to be very keen on collecting information from one of the workers.


The male urethra connects the bladder and ejaculatory ducts to the opening of the penis. How about a demonstration?

However, one of the best scenes this episode was between the White Worker and Hamusuke.


This asshole.

Hamusuke. The Lord of the Forest. The giant hamster that was training earlier this season. While he probably is still one of the weaker minions of Nazarick, he more than holds his own against that asshole the White Worker, being better in speed, use of arts, and generally surviving. Plus, the lizardmen (and that Death Knight) make cameo appearances to rate Hamusuke’s battle! It’s always a pleasure to see returning characters in some capacity.


So cathartic. Hope the elves are set free though, being slaves and all.

The episode ends with Foresight entering the coliseum, only to be greeted by Aura. I’ll admit, I was disappointed when she started to announce the opponent, as I would have loved to see Aura in a fight...but when the opponent is Ains?!


I’ll get the popcorn.

Even though Ains became a lich in the very first episode, there was always a sense that he still had some part of his humanity, especially when he thinks to himself in his human voice. However, as the titular Overlord, there’s also been the question about how he’ll increasingly become more villainous. While he’s previously killed people before, they’ve always been characters that were 100% evil. This episode though? He’s definitely falling from whatever grace he had left.


There are some questions that remain, such as what’s with the chains around the lizardmen’s necks, and why is there one around Ains’s neck? Presumably we’ll find out next week, with the probable conclusion to this arc.

I was quite indecisive about what grade to give this episode, as on the one hand, it was a lot of fun while also furthering Ains’s rise into a villain. On the other hand though, I generally reserve the A grades to episodes that I feel have a quality or idea that can be drawn to real life (for example, the last episode was great at contrasting the Empire and the Re-Estize Kingdom, and implicating the question, do the ends justify the means). The animation was pretty average, the CGI still looked out of place (it never will not be), but the episode was so, so fun.


Hopefully Overlord can continue this streak for the rest of season 3.

Rating: A-

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