With episode 5, the Carne Village arc closes out not with violent, overpowered spectacle, but with heart.

So much heart.

While I didn’t have any particular expectations, I certainly wasn’t expecting such a low-key battle as the climax for the current arc. Apparently, after subjugating the Giant and Demon Snake of the East/West last week, Ainz sends the trolls and ogres to attack Carne village. There were some neat details, such as the tower-defense style tactic the goblins employ to funnel the attacking ogres into single-file, enabling everyone (including the ogres and goblins that joined the village two weeks ago) to get a few hits in. Guu’s reappearance started to raise some questions, however his muteness and discoloration indicated something was quite off, especially when the lead goblin notices Guu doesn’t immediately heal after an attack. The battle was generally a nice contrast to previous arc closers, as there weren’t any signs of a Nazarick denizen helping out to completely overpower the opposition. It wasn’t particularly thrilling, but it was more interesting than last week’s Ainz vs Guu fight; at least here we see some tactics on display and fancy acrobatics.


Enri and Nphi’s runaround with the stray troll was amusing, and it was nice to see a bit of magic on display. While the animation was, on the whole, perfectly capable (aside from the usual issues with the CGI ogres), it definitely peaked when Nphi got a swift kick to the gut-points for thinking he could slip by his legs-as it looked particularly painful. Lupisregina coming in to save the day was expected; I highly doubt she would let Nphi die after being warned by Ainz.

However, it’s the aftermath that really shined in this week’s episode. The talk about love between Enri and Nphi was quaint, and I’m kind of glad the show didn’t have Enri falling head over heals for Nphi after his cliche confession. Instead, it’s the sort of romance that grows out of familiarity without the melodramatics.

Then we come to the dinner invitation, where Enri, Nphi and Enri’s sister walk into the Tomb of Nazarick. I’m always impressed by the design of Nazarick and seeing the trio’s reactions to it was heart warming. What was even more heart warming was Ainz telling Enri’s sister that he built it alongside his friends. While Ainz’s actions have been steering him more into the titular Overlord, it’s still nice to see that he always remembers where he comes from and that everything he has now, from Nazarick, to the Floor Guardians, to the Battle Maids, and the World Items in the vault, are all products of the guild’s cooperative efforts. Obviously, he still cares deeply for anyone from Nazarick, not only because they’re his people, but because they’re the only things left from his guild mates.

The episode closes out with the dinner menu that Demiurge devised a few episodes ago being revealed-I know it’s fictional but dang did it sound good. Overall, this wasn’t a bad starting arc to season 3 at all. It was a bit slow at times but still enjoyable in the Overlord way, and Ainz had a much bigger presence than he did in the Lizardman arc. The remainder of the season is supposedly dedicated to volumes 7 and 9 of the light novel, and they’re supposed to be quite good, comparable to the “Kingdom of Men” arc from season 2 (the last story arc that climaxed with E-Rantel under siege). Definitely looking forward to the remainder of the season.


Rating: B+


Also special mention has to go to Enri’s liberal use of the sugar for her tea. Why. Why would she ruin perfectly good tea with so much sugar...So gross.

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