Overlord S3.4 review: B

To be blunt, this episode bored me.

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Not the whole episode mind you, as I thought the first half was the usual (fun) Overlord fare. However, once Ainz went to find the Giant and Demon Snake of the East/West, things started to go down hill. It wasn’t bad, it was just...boring.

To be fair, Overlord isn’t immune to bouts of boredom - there were a few moments in season 2 that seemed to drag (such as Climb training with Gazef, though I still love the scene afterwards), but this time it was a particular stand out because it fell into the cliché of power fantasies. Ainz facing down the Giant of the East and then subjugating him was too long, too bog standard, and not very entertaining. I’ll admit, I enjoy watching terrible characters get their comeuppance (e.g. Sebas taking care of the trash in the underground brothel, Ainz dealing with Clementine) but Guu and the Demon Snake-who has quite the name-were built up by constant comparison to the Beast of the South, aka the giant hamster.


Whereas Hamsuke was subjugated within a few minutes, the scene with Guu and the Naga went on for far longer and I felt every, slow, minute of it. Sure, there were a few moments, such as Aura grabbing the Naga by its neck and forcing its submission, but otherwise the whole sequence really dragged down the episode. Not even the Ainz Ooal Gown theme could save the scene.

Which is a shame because the start was pretty great! Ainz getting angry at Lupusregina was amusing, as he rarely shows any anger towards his Nazarick minions, as was the subsequent explanation about the significance of Carne village. I liked that Ainz could guess why Lupus chose not to disclose that the Giant/Demon Snake were on the move toward Carne (because ha ha, humans) and it further details what Nfriea is doing. Aura’s scene with Ainz was...interesting. On the one hand, we get Ainz thinking about dark elf education for Aura and Mare, again showing how deeply he cares for Nazarick and everyone part of the guild, but on the other hand, some of the dialogue errs more into harem territory. Albedo and Shalltear fighting over the asexual Lich king is more than enough, thank you. Besides, Aura’s only 75.


Notably, the animation for the troll and Naga weren’t horrendous. Overlord’s use of CGI has always been a bit spotty; it never looks quite right. Now, the ogres and lesser trolls still looked a bit out of place, but at least Guu was animated normally and his movements weren’t choppy, all the better to flail helplessly on the ground.

Hopefully, the next episode will pick things back up. There’s supposedly a fight, with Lupusregina taking center stage. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing her having to protect the “insects” she despises so much.

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