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Overlord S3.3: B+

One of the big successes of this episode was how well it integrated Nazarick’s denizens into the episode’s plot.

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The episode picks up the plot threads from the last episode, when Enri and her goblins rescued a little wild goblin boy from certain death by a Barghast. With him safe and sound, they return to the village to figure out what’s happening.

One of the great things about this episode was to show how Ainz’s actions from season 1 directly impact and affect the world; Ainz’s subjugation of Hamsuke, the Great Lord of the Forest, caused the other two head honchos to decide to team up and start planning an assault on the cabin that appeared in season 2, during the lizardman arc. I don’t know if such consequences were planned so far ahead during the light novel’s scenario writing, but it’s plot lines like these that certainly help make the world of Overlord feel more alive.


One of the big successes of this episode was how well it integrated Nazarick’s denizens into the episode’s plot. Unlike last season, where Ainz or his minions didn’t appear much (if at all) during some episodes, Ainz (in his Momon outfit), Narberal, and Lupusregina Beta all show up and play a role in the episode’s proceedings. The episode primarily centered around Enri, the girl that summoned/controls the goblins, and the series of events (in the span of a day or two in no less!) that lead to her becoming leader of Carne Village. Initially, I was ambivalent about having another episode with little Nazarick involvement, so I was quite pleased to see them interact with Enri, whether it’s couching for her at the E-Rantel check point or Enri complementing Nabarel about how beautiful she looks (same league as Lupusregina lol). The comedic moments worked really well to poke fun at Ainz giving a hand, or Narberal accepting a human’s compliments.

By far the greatest success in this episode was the end scene with Lupusregina Beta. While her previous appearances always had her as a smiling, peppy person, the few moments when her facial expressions sharpened and her voice became serious was hinting at the dark nature of... Well... Nazarick. That last scene with her looking down on the village as they celebrated Enri becoming chief? A pure, distilled Overlord reminder that hey, we’re following the “bad guys” in this story.


The animation this episode took a step down, with a lot of close ups of characters talking while they walk, leading to very boring and undynamic scenes. Some of the characters also seemed to appear a bit off model as they spoke and it was quite distracting at times. However, the integration of Ainz, Narberal and Lupus into the episode’s plot, as well as the payoff with Lupus at the end, more than made up for any bits of sloppy animation - otherwise I would’ve given it an A- for such fun storytelling. I am very much looking forward to seeing how things continue to grow.

Rating: B+

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