Overlord S3.2 review: B+

This was another solid episode of Overlord.

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Overlord continues its running joke about Ainz learning to be the leader that the denizens of Nazarick think he is with its opening act, where he learns that Demiurge and the others have been working on realizing Ainz’s “orders” of world domination. This leads to some hilarity where Ainz keeps trying to figure out when and what action he did to lead Demiurge on, but he can’t get a straight answer out of the strategist. The one piece of information that Ainz does get was the (pseudo) subjugation of Carne Village back in season 1. There are also discussions about putting forth Nazarick onto the world stage as a new country, but not much else is talked about before the episode moves to focus on Carne Village.

I believe the last time we saw Carne was a brief interlude in season 2 that featured one of the battle maids (though that might have been one of the Pleiades shorts), but nevertheless it’s always great to check back in on some old characters. While not at full efficiency with the loss of some of its villagers, the goblins that were summoned forth from the item Ainz gave Enri in season 1 have been helping out with daily necessities, as well as training the villages on how to use a bow. There is some great attention to detail with the goblins’ appearances, specifically how many sport a unique look, whether it’s a different armor or hairstyle. I could see other shows simply having the goblins all appear the same, but one of Overlord’s strengths have been attention to detail, and the varied goblin appearances reinforce that concept.


That being said, not much actually happens in Carne village, which takes up most of the episode’s screen time. I’m glad to see Nfriea is well, and the sequence where he gets romance advice from one of the goblins had me grinning the whole way through. However, it isn’t until the very end when we start getting some idea about a future conflict, though how exactly it’ll involve Carne is unknown (my guess is that the village will probably get wrapped up in the fight because of proximity). I’m quite interested to see how Carne holds its own in the fight, especially since they don’t have one of the OP Pleadies with them (though I guess Beta, I think it was Beta, can always show up at the end).

This was another solid episode of Overlord, with fine (but not spectacular) animation being complemented with solid musical cues and voice acting, especially when Ainz learns of the world domination plans. While the episode was relatively slow in terms of events, Overlord has previously proven that it takes its time to set the pieces on the board before it brings forth its big sequences. I just wonder how far things will go by the end of the season.


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