Last time on My 2D Demon Boyfriend Can’t be This Cute, I did a two-parter to cover the most straightforward, feel good routes of Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi. Well not so today, because I’m going to write about a more interesting 2D boyfriend: resident asshole Okita Souji. Okita’s route was a trip; a trip full of emotions and whiplash. Let’s get to it.

For the first few chapters of the story, protagonist Chizuru often calls Okita “mean” and “a bully.” This is understandable, since Okita’s favorite thing is to tell me he could kill me. Now a wise person once said, “men are hottest when they could very easily kill you right this second,” but cool it, Okita. You have to create scarcity. You can’t just throw out death threats so often and so casually. Even when with his romance meter climbing, Okita’s foremost qualities remained smirking and being a jerk. I was pretty much prepared for that since even in the intro he is clearly that guy.

Things start to change when Okita gets some extremely bad news. He has tuberculosis. History buffs and Rurouni Kenshin fans would have been expecting this, because the real Okita Souji died of TB when he was about my age. This is tragic news for game Okita, but good news for love. In a dramatic romance, perhaps just as sexy as a man who could kill you is a man who is dying slowly of an awful disease, as long as it’s not an awful disease that will be abjectly gross or disfigure his face or anything like that. Tuberculosis is a very romantic illness...maybe the most romantic illness to die from! Being terminally ill softens Okita up a little bit. He has to stay in bed a lot, and who better to sit by his bedside than the protagonist? He can’t just languish in peace for too long though, because the plot is here.


The conflict in Okita’s route is actually quite interesting, because it’s the most personal for the protagonist. The main villain this time is my evil twin brother, Kaoru, who hates me because unlike him, I got adopted by a nice, middle class demon family as a child. In the course of fighting off Kaoru, Okita of course becomes a demon (well, fury) himself. After building trust and love by actually having sex with Harada, we are back to blood drinking with Okita. Okita’s drinking spot is the hand, so Saito is still in the lead for best blood sucking scenes. One of the biggest twists in Okita’s route is that my bratty brother also forces me to become a fury. This leads to a fascinating bad end option:


I can choose to say to hell with it and be monsters together with Okita. It’s kind of sweet, but this choice does lead to Okita getting killed in battle so let’s rewind. After coming with me to deal with my brother, who wants to create a nation ruled by demons (that’s what they all say!), he really opens the floodgates of his feelings. Once it starts, he goes from tsun to dere like nobody’s business. Emotional Okita is very touching, and I found myself genuinely moved by the romantic scenes between him and Chizuru.

Best kissing scene so far 👌

The coolest thing about Okita’s route is despite being an asshole in the beginning, you really get the sense by the last chapters that he and the protagonist are equals. He genuinely cares about her feelings and choices and doesn’t treat her like a burden or damsel in distress. But a romance so moving and passionate cannot possibly have a happy ending. During the final confrontation with Demon Brother and Demon Foster Dad (who is good or bad depending on the ending you get), we learn that becoming a fury did not cure Okita of his tuberculosis. Now he’s just a supernatural being with tuberculosis. Whelp.


After dealing with Demon Brother once and for all, Okita and the protagonist settle down in the countryside to spend their days in peace. Perhaps because of his hyper-awareness of his own mortality, Okita is very free with the “I loves you’s” which is always a nice change from emotionally reticent heroes. Our two lovers are just relaxing in the grass when Okita starts to fall asleep...



Ok guys. I’m going to be honest. I cried. It’s heavily implied that Okita dies at the end of his route. It was inevitable, but still very sad. I was not expecting to be actually sad during this playthrough but here we are. Over the course of this route, the writing really managed to build a convincing relationship with Okita and Chizuru. Only to take it all away!! Ahem. When the the feels passed, Okita’s route emerged as my favorite so far. I feel a bit guilty for supplanting my man Saito, but you cannot beat the triple threat of demon+dying of an illness+honest about his feelings. Now excuse me I’m going to go read some alternate ending fanfics.