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OP/ED's of the Day #31 - MajiKoi/S

Wow, we've been doing this a solid month now. Props to Fruity for starting this all off, and to everyone taking part for keeping it going without any major issues at all. So far >: D

As a celebration, I've decided to provide two OPs today, from the same series of Visual Novels: MajiKoi.

Song: It Doesn't Hurt to be Slashed by Love | VN: Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! | Artists: Yuu Asakawa, Akane Tomonaga, Hyo-sei, Yuko Goto and Shizuka Ito

Song: Mecha Shinken SSS | VN: Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! S | Artist: Aki Misato


MajiKoi (full title Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! or Love me, Seriously!) is a (really) eroge VN from Minatosoft with a fantastic cast of eclectic and insane characters, that only keeps growing with the sequel and five fandiscs thus far available, all adding more characters, most of which have their own routes (with the original heroines' routes being continued in S on top of the new options). The premise is thus: Kawakami City has a strong tradition of martial arts that underpins almost every facet of daily life for those living there, including school, where disputes are encouraged to be resolved with sanctioned duels. Naturally, much of the cast is thus an accomplished fighter. And by "accomplished" I mean insanely powerful to a ludicrous degree. This is a VN that thrives on Rule of Cool and manages to make it work on a consistent basis simply by being that charismatic and awesome. Ridiculousness runs through the veins of this franchise, be it an accomplished swordswoman with such crippling social anxiety she uses ventriloquism to make her phone charm talk for her, typically insultingly (even about herself), the daughter of a German Army General with a love of all-things Japanese, and a complete lack of actual knowledge of all-things Japanese, robots, clones, extreme levels of casually-accepted perversion, battlemaids/butlers, supernatural fighting prowess or acting as the Japanese Prime Minister's spotter during a sniper confrontation. This is a visual novel with a hermit crab end.

That's not to say it lacks the capacity to be serious, however. Indeed, there is a surprising level of pathos to be found in a couple of the routes. As some may know, MajiKoi proved so popular it received its own (non-H, but fanservice-y) anime, but whilst maintaining the level of silliness from the VNs (leading to some hilarious moments) it fails to ground them as well, leaving it arguably a much more forgettable experience.

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