Welcome to OP/ED's a day by Ani-TAY! Each day the Ani-TAY community will be featuring an OP/ED which they found particularly remarkable, wonderful or impressive. Come along for the ride!

It's February now and you know what that means, love is in the air at Ani-TAY! This month we will be featuring songs that have something to do with love, so it'll be interesting to see what everyone comes up with!

Here is our poll for the week! The poll will be open for 1 week and the winner will move on to the monthly battle to determine what is the best OP/ED of the month. The battle for February will begin on March 8th!

Sunday February 22nd - By: Protonstorm


Yukitoki - My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

Monday February 23rd - By: Raitzeno


Lady Love - Shion's King

Tuesday February 24th - By: Kevin Mai (aka Rockmandash12)


Dango Daikazoku - Clannad

Wednesday February 25th - By: Raitzeno


My Dear Friend - Shion's King

Thursday February 26th- By: Stanlick


Saviour of Song - Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova

Friday February 27th - By: Thatsmapizza


Ambiguous - Kill La Kill

Saturday February 28th - By: XepherLord


Unravel - Tokyo Ghoul

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