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OP/ED's A Day By Ani-TAY: Roundup - Week 15 (April 9th - 16th)

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Welcome to OP/ED's a day by Ani-TAY! Each day the Ani-TAY community will be featuring an OP/ED which they found particularly remarkable, wonderful or impressive. Come along for the ride!


It's April now, spring has come! (without you) We'll be doing nostalgia related songs this month, so please be excited to feel those feels! Also, our monthly poll for March is out, please make sure to vote!


Here is our poll for the week! The poll will be open for 1 week and the winner will move on to the monthly battle to determine what is the best OP/ED of the month.

Thursday April 9th - By: Michael Burns - Protonstorm


Love Good Time - The Wolf Girl and the Black Prince

Friday April 10th - By: Raitzeno


Platinum - Card Captor Sakura

Saturday April 11th - By: Kevin Mai - Rockmandash12


Karma/Lemu - Ever17

Sunday April 12th - By: Stanlick


Haruka Kanata - Naruto

Monday April 13th - By: Thatsmapizza


Bloody Brother - Garo the Animation

Tuesday April 14th - By: XepherLord


Again - Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

Wednesday April 15th - By: Dexomega


Kibou no Tsuite - AKB0048

Thursday April 16th - By: Exile


Brilliant Road - Uchuu no Stellvia

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