Title: Trigger | Artist: Yuuki Ozaki | Show: Terror in Resonance

Hey guys and welcome back to my second OP/ED of the day, where today I have chosen this beautiful thing here. This is one of those openings that I listened to for the song, as I just love this song, and the full version is even better. Well, it's better from a more is better/less is worse standpoint, hehe.


While the airy, melancholy vocals steal the show for me, the visuals are no slouch either. They're quite creative and interesting to watch, and most importantly they complement the song well. I have to say though, the lyrics were kind of hit and miss for me. Sometimes I really liked how they were generalizations of the themes of the show, other times it just sounded like over-dramatic prose.

All in all, this was one of my favorite openings of the year, which is really saying something for what I consider to be a tremendous year for anime openings. Lastly, while you can argue that Terror in Resonance wasn't the best show ever (and I would probably agree with you), but it's pretty clear that this opening was one of the best parts of this show.


Yeah I'm just a guy who likes anime. I'm relatively new to the Ani-Tay community, but I've been an fan of the medium for four or five years now. I like a pretty wide variety of shows and games, and honestly if anything I need to be more critical of what I watch/play, I'm too easy on them~


I particularly enjoy analyzing music and sound design, so that's what most of my content here will most likely be, between OP/ED of the Day and my own ramblings.

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