OP/ED of the Day #95: Through the Night

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Title: Through the Night | Artist: Masahiko Aramachi | Show: Outlaw Star

Considering taking refuge in nostalgic OPs and EDs is pretty much my usual schtick when it comes to my choices, I'm just basically doing things business as usual this week while everyone else is taking their own strolls down memory lane. Anyways, this time around is a bit special, as I'm honoring one of the best anime OPs to stand the test of time, that being the famous opening to the venerable Firefly-esque Outlaw Star, a series celebrating 17 years in existence this year. All this time later and this opening still maintains its quality. This is the kind of opening that when played causes a flood of nostalgia in those who watched it growing up. There's a good reason why "Through the Night" has been a recurring mainstay on countless "Best Anime Openings" lists over the years, and that's because it is just a damn good opening. From the visuals to the song, it is truly a classic, especially considering it is from the era when anime openings started to actually have some real effort put into them. So without further ado, here's Outlaw Star's much loved opening.

And of course, like always with me, the full version of the song is below:

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