Those squawking lo-fi guitars, those barely discernible English words, it can only be the OP from Berserk! There is something about this grunge punk song, with its somewhat nonsense English lyrics sung with a heavy Japanese accent, that will have you air guitaring while making up your own versions of the lyrics.


Title: Tell Me Why | Artist: Penpals | Anime: Berserk

In celebration of the "Retro" theme of April, I present to you Tell Me Why the OP from the 1997-1998 series Berserk, which is easily my tied for my favorite anime of all time. I had been watching anime in some form or another since I was a child, but Berserk really pushed me into full love of the medium (moreso than even its celebrated contemporaries like EVA, Trigun, and Cowboy Bebop). Berserk had it all: memorable characters, Shakespearian motivations, adult themes, a heavy dose of action, supernatural undercurrents, and that gloriously 90's OP.


This OP song, with its catchy and slightly out of tune riffs and its Engrish totally gets stuck in your head. "Put your glasses on, something something..." You will end up repeating your own version of its lyrics to yourself. The song itself is very much a product of 90's with its garage band vibe. I'm including a full version of the song for your enjoyment, those extra verses are pretty fun to hear especially if you are used to the abbreviated OP version.

If you can get your hands on the Media Blasters DVDs of Berserk, be sure to check out the special features which have hilarious bloopers done by the English dub cast (the English dub is very good, and this is from a sub guy).


Well, I hope you enjoyed today's OP/ED. I'll be back in a few weeks with another one of my favorites. If you liked today's OP/ED, check out my previous entry, the strikingly beautiful Euterpe.


Jonuiuc is an infrequent contributor of writing and convention photography on TAY and AniTAY. You will most likely see him in the comment sections of articles and occasionally contributing to collaborations or doing short posts (like this one) that are light on graphics and even lighter on editing. Jonuiuc's youth was full of grunge, alternative, punk and indie music. He has lost some of his hearing, and he'd appreciate it if you would just speak up. He doesn't like everything though, he just likes what he likes.

The bonus non-anime related song for today has a little bit of Japanese mixed in with its Engrish, since there wasn't any in today's OP (plus I've been watching a hell of a lot of Japanese idol music stuff lately, don't knock it until you try it) "Koisuru Fortune Cookie" by AKB48.

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