Title: Work Guy | Artist: Fukuyama Yoshiki | Show: Kamen no Maid Guy

Description: Work Guy is the ending theme to Kamen no Maid Guy, a patently absurd comedy about a humongous, musclebound dude who is overpowered in every way, working as a faithful maid, complete with frilly dress and a supervillain mask(?!). The female maid he's working with is comparatively normal, though still working off the "hypercompetent maid" template, and their new master is a female high school Kendo champion, who the Maid Guy regularly terrorizes in the name of self-improvement. If this sounds completely ridiculous, you have no idea.

Why You Picked It: The song is just as absurd as the show it's attached to, and wonderfully so. That first line or so changes a few times over the course of the show, but it's always something silly; "Maid Guy Eye has seen everything about you!" The lyrics are packed with both references to the Maid Guy's OP-ness (Kamen kyo mo hansha – My mask also shoots lasers! (He's not kidding.)) and double-edged puns (a homophone for either 'a maid's gift to their master' or 'a souvenir from hell', etc.). There's evil laughter sprinkled into every segment of the song, just for the hell of it. The visuals feature the other two main characters running for their lives from the Maid Guy, while frilly maid dresses and the Maid Guy's golden logo hairpiece decoration are turned into Halloween nightmares. It's so over-the-top and silly you can't help but laugh your ass off, especially if you're actually watching the show. (Go watch the show.)