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OP/ED of the Day #81: Flying in the Sky

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Title: Flying in the Sky | Artist: Yoshifumi Ushima | Show: Mobile Fighter G Gundam


I just can't let March Mecha Madness pass on by without covering one of the songs from the first "traditonal" mecha series I ever saw, Mobile Fighter G Gundam(or just G Gundam as it was called when it aired on Toonami back in 2002). I guess some clarification is in order. G Gundam is not the first mecha series I saw period. That honor would go to Zoids: New Century(or just Zoids as it was first called when I saw it). Rather, G Gundam was the first mecha series with humanoid mechs that I saw. For many Gundam Wing was their first taste of the venerable Gundam series, but for me it was the campy and way more shonen and super robo-like G Gundam.

Also, it should be noted that this was the first Japanese OP I ever saw. Obviously not the first anime OP I saw, thanks to every anime dubbed still having OPs, some even reused the footage from the original OP, just with an English song(ie Rurouni Kenshin). But this was the first out and out original Japanese OP I ever saw and thus the first Japanese song I heard. So needless to say it has some very strong nostalgic ties with me. And like always, the full version as well:

Of course this series is a prime example of something taking on a new light when you look back on it when you are older. As a kid I didn't notice the over the top(and misguided, but not necessarily mean-spirited) fantastic cultural stereotypes in this show that was in the same league as what you'd find in Japanese fighting games. I mean take for example Neo Mexico's Gundam. It's called the Tequila Gundam and looks like a caricature of a Mexican man, complete with a sombrero(speaking of, Neo Mexico itself was a giant damn sombrero floating in space). Or how about Neo Holland's Gundam having a giant damn windmill for a torso. Of course the cherry on top, which is something that didn't click with me until several years after watching the show was how Neo Japan has a Gundam called the God Gundam. Yeah that's not some specific favoritism or anything(>_>). Still, over the top stereotypes they may be, G Gundam's mechs are still some of the most original group of mecha to appear in a single show and it is still a fun series. It's essentially Street Fighter: Gundam Edition. And so on that note, I will end this with just one more thing:

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