This song is gorgeous and sad. Even the lyrics are beautiful when translated. While I have some reservations about Guilty Crown the series, there is no doubt that it had amazingly good music. I'll let the song and the lyrics speak for themselves…

Title: Euterpe | Artist: Egoist | Anime: Guilty Crown

This is the opening scene of the 1st episode, so it isn't spoiling anything for anyone. I've also included a clean, sound-effect free, version of the song (albeit with no animations) below:

Egoist was a fictional band created by Supercell mastermind Ryo for the anime Guilty Crown. The singers Chelly and Koeda were chosen by audition from over 2000 candidates. Chelly (17 at the time) ended up singing "Everlasting Guilty Crown" and "Euterpe" which was technically an inset song (though was used during the opening scene of the 1st episode). Koeda (15) sang "My Dearest" for Egoist. Interestingly enough and similar to Nagi Yanagi, a singer for Supercell, no press pictures of the singers were ever released. Chelly's singing in the song is absolutely angelic. I was also struck at delicate beauty of the underlying music itself, as illustrated by this piano cover:

This may be my favorite piano cover of any song period. It is certainly at least one of the most masterful and difficult arrangements done of an anime song (which incidentally seems wholly appropriate listening for the day after Shigatsu's finale).

I hope you enjoyed today's OP/ED, I'll be back in a few weeks with another one of my favorites. Preview: the next OP might not be as pretty or new as Euterpe, but it will rock some major Engrish! If you liked today's OP/ED, check out my previous entry, the much more upbeat Witch‚ėÜActivity.


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The bonus non-anime related song for today is a great alt rock tune with crooning vocals and a nice bittersweet feel to it, "Megan" by the Smoking Popes.