Title: The Light Before we Land | Artist: The Delgados| Anime: Gunslinger Girl

Description: The Opening song to the 2004 Madhouse anime Gunslinger girl Performed by the Scottish band The Delgados.


Why You Picked It: I've been struggling to give a reason for this song which wasn't "The strings and vocals are pretty and the show gave me feels". I wouldn't call Gunslinger girl one of my favourite anime (In fact the second season takes such a nose dive I'd struggle to even put it in my top 50). However, this opening has always resonated with me with it's arrangement of lo-fi guitars, Powerful strings and the added plus that I can always sing along to it due to it being in english.

It's also the only anime opening I physically own on CD.

Illustration for article titled OP/ED a Day #64: The Light Before We Land

Also... I promise the next song will be in Japanese and I won't be constantly using English language songs...

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