Title: Escape | Artist: Hemenway | Show: Eureka Seven: AO

Description: Escape is the first opening of Eureka Seven's sequel. It's a mecha show by Bones that is intended to carry on the series with a new story, though how well it did with that is constantly up for debate. The opening showcases Bones' animation talent and more-or-less illustrates that this series was intended to more action-packed than its predecessor.


Why You Picked it: I decided to get some mecha openings in during march, so first up is Escape from Eureka Seven: AO. AO has a reputation among fans, but it definitely doesn't slack in sound and animation. Much like Gundam SEED Destiny, I don't think that AO is a bad show, it's just a poor sequel. They both stand well on their own, but they fail to live up to their predecessors.

The openings of AO aren't very arguable though. Hemenway and, later, FLOW brought their game to AO and it showed.


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