Hmm, don't recognize my name? What's that? You don't look at the names of who writes these articles anyway? Well in case you start to care at any point, my name is XepherLord and I'll be helping to write these OP/ED of the day articles in the future. I think that's enough introduction for now, so I'll just get to the good part straight away.

Title: Unravel | Artist: TK | Show: Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul's first opening is amazing. The visuals are gorgeous, and none of it is reused from the show. The symbolism is powerful as well, with a strong emphasis on reflection and mirrors throughout, emphasizing the show's struggle of human versus ghoul in everyone, especially Kaneki, the main character. However, my favorite moment is when the music hits it's crescendo and the Kagune (the psycho tendrils that ghouls have) explode into abstract butterfly wings made of whatever represents that character.


Speaking of the music, I love this song, Unravel, to death. I regularly listen to the full version while working or gaming. It's an absolutely perfect track for Tokyo Ghoul, the haunting vocals fit the dark tone of the show, while the rock segment during the chorus complemented the emphasis on action and combat the show exhibited.

Overall, Tokyo Ghoul was one of my favorite anime of last year, and while I've heard the second season is a little disappointing, I won't let that dampen my enjoyment of the first season and it's awesome opening.


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