The Ani-TAYer scheduled for today is MIA so here's an emergency OP/ED A Day!

Title: My Dear Friend | Artist: Teruma Aoyama | Show: Shion's King (Shion no Ou)

Description: This is the ending to Shion's King, a show that I just gushed about on Monday.

Why You Picked It: Where the opening is a sharp claw dragging you in, the ending is a soft hand patting your head and letting you know it's going to be okay. While Shion's own circumstances are pretty godawful, she's an incredibly sweet and gentle person even while she stands strong against the injustices done to her. This song demonstrates her kind nature, a tribute to how she cherishes the precious few friends she makes over the course of the bittersweet story. It hits many of the notes the series itself touches on, about how tragedy can take you by surprise, but shouldn't be allowed to break you or your relationships.

I actually like this one more than the opening theme, to be honest! I was expecting to come back to it quite a while from now, maybe the second half of next February, but since an opening came up and it's fresh in my mind, here we are.