Title: Lady Love | Artist: Rize | Show: Shion's King (Shion no Ou)

Description: This is the opening to Shion's King, a show that's half Shogi competition and half murder mystery. As you can sort of tell by some of the faces in the animation, many of the character may be young but this is not about any sort of nice, happy Shogi competition. The protagonist, Shion, was adopted several years ago by her father's friend and Shogi rival after her parents were found dead in her house. Shion herself was found alive, in front of a bloody Shogi board, holding the King piece. The incident traumatized her, rendering her mute, but she still manages to be a bright, powerful, and expressive character. The show covers her entry into women's professional Shogi while searching for her parents' murderer.

Why You Picked It: It's an edgy rock song with dark undertones about broken people and twisted affection, very fitting for the show's themes. The plot itself treads lightly on a thin veneer of happiness over an unresolved pool of blood for most of the series, and the song and its associated animation clearly show they have no qualms about slicing open that skin and diving into the deep end. Given the no-holds-barred and often disturbingly graphic imagery the series uses of both the murder in the past and the current mindset of the murderer and all of the possible suspects, the song makes for a gripping intro to this double-edged series.