"Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari" by Supercell from Bakemonogatari

Hello everyone, jonuiuc here with my first OP/ED of the day. I'm starting with one of my absolute favorites, Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari, which is the ED for the Bakemonogatari series. This song is performed by Supercell, who seem to specialize in very emotional, epic, rock opera sort of songs. The music is simply one of my favorite rock songs used in an anime. The song itself is featured meaningfully during an emotional high point within the story of Bakemonogatari itself. Anyone who has watched the series from the first episode through to the point where this song was played, probably will be taken back to that moment just by listening.

The ED animation does feature a nice bit of stylized visual storytelling, especially once you become familiar with the characters and events of the series. Interestingly enough, the animation of this ED is slightly different for each story arc of the series. This particular video above is taken from the Tsubasa Cat arc. If you haven't yet given the series a shot and are on the fence, I'd say go for it. Bakemonogatari is dialog heavy though, but features sometimes bizarre visuals to keep things interesting. Give it at least the first 5 episodes, if you are not hooked by then you probably won't like the rest.

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Well I hope you enjoy today's ED, I'll be back every couple of weeks with another one of my favorites. Drop me a comment if you like. While I'm here I'll also leave you a few links to some related (and unrelated) tunes.


Here is the music video for the full song (which is cheesy but totally appropriate for the lyrics):

This is one of my favorite piano covers of the song (I enjoy listening to piano covers of anime songs, since I actually do not speak Japanese):

About jonuiuc (just Jon is fine btw): Jonuiuc is an infrequent contributor of convention photography on TAY, you will probably mostly see him in the comment sections of ani-tay and occasionally contributing some writing that is light on graphics and editing (skills which he is exceedingly unmotivated to improve). Jonuiuc grew up around music, as his grandmother was an opera singer and had many years of piano classes as a child (which is mostly forgotten). His childhood was spent listening to the classical, musicals, vocal standards, and 60s & 70s rock in his parents' record collection. He grew up listening to the pop, rock and new wave of the 80s, jumped into the R&B, Hip Hop and Grunge of the 90s, then the alternative/indie rock & punk of the 2000s. He hasn't really kept up with newer music since then but while he doesn't like everything, he likes what he likes. Even though jonuiuc can't understand Japanese, he is drawn to catchy melodies and interesting arrangements.


Bonus non-anime related song (but fairly epic in its own way), Baseball by Ozma.

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