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OP/ED of the Day #49: Tenchi Muyo!

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Title: Tenchi Muyo! | Artist: SONIA | Show: Tenchi Universe

So Valentine's Day has come and passed, but I decided that since it is still February, it is still technically the month of romance. So after taking a dip in the more recent realm of anime with my last outing, I've decided to dive back into the nostalgia pool to look at one of the openings from the first harem franchise I ever saw, Tenchi Muyo!, more specifically the first TV series in the franchise which was also called Tenchi Muyo! but was renamed Tenchi Universe when it came Stateside. This particular iteration of the Tenchi series turns a freshly minted 20 years old this year, though it has been only 15 years since I saw it (it didn't debut on Toonami until 2000).


Anyways, this is an interesting opening, as it is one of the very few anime openings to be performed both in Japanese and English by the same performer (interestingly enough, the last OP I picked is also one of them, but that was a bit different in that the English version was used in the Japanese version, too, as a special song). Of course, because I heard the English version first and more often than the Japanese version, I am posting that one today!

And of course, the full version, also in English.

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