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OP/ED of the Day #47: Platinum Disco

Before you hit play on this video, get yourself ready! Don't just prepare your ears, prepare your mind and body too. Today's OP of the day is not only insanely catchy when heard, but once you watch it you may find yourself unconsciously moving along as well!


Title: Platinum Disco | Artist: Yuka Iguchi| Series: Nisemonogatari

You may have noticed that so far, I have only been doing OPs or EDs from Bakemonogatari, well that ends this week! This time, I've chosen an OP from Nisemonogatari... Yeah, well I know it is not that big of a change since its the sequel series to Bakemonogatari. Continuing the tradition from the first series, every separate story arc contains its very own original OP animation and song. The OP still features really gorgeous original animation by SHAFT, as well as a super catchy song composed by Kōsaki Satoru and sung by the voice actress of the story arc's heroine.


Platinum Disco is the OP of Tsukihi Phoenix, which is the final story arc of Nisemonogatari. Visually and sonically this OP perfectly encapsulates the temperamental half of the "Fire-Sisters", Tsukihi Araragi's character. From the opening turntable scratching, to the flute melody, use of traditional instruments, lively groove and the adorable vocals, this song has been crafted specifically to get stuck in your head. Couple that audio track with the OP's equally cute and visually memorable dance animation, and it is a double threat to your headspace. I cannot lie, sometimes I bust out the arm motions when I hear this song.


Much like Renai Circulation before it, Platinum Disco has inspired some cosplayers to try and capture that animated choreography in live action. One of the earliest youtube videos of the Platinum Disco dance is below.

I hope you enjoyed today's OP/ED, I'll be back in a couple of weeks with another one of my favorites. If you liked it, check out my previous entry, the iconic Staple Stable. Also thanks to everyone who voted Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari the OP/ED of the month for January, I'm glad I'm not the only one who really loves these songs and OP/EDs.


Jonuiuc is an infrequent contributor of convention photography on TAY. You will most likely see him in the comment sections of ani-tay articles and occasionally contributing some writing that is light on graphics and probably editing. Even though jonuiuc can't understand Japanese, he is drawn to pretty melodies and all things catchy. He doesn't like everything, he just likes what he likes, but if he doesn't get it, he gets platinum mad!


The bonus non-anime related song for today also features a flute and incorporates some faux "oriental" pop-song melodies, the pleasingly haunting Utsukushii Shibuya by Ozma in Japanese and the original English version for your enjoyment.

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