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OP/ED of the Day #39: My Dearest

Title: My Dearest | Artist: Supercell | Show: Guilty Crown

Description: This is the first opening to Guilty Crown, the show that gave us the Cards Against Ani-TAY card "Cancer Crystals". It's about a loser jackass that, through no merit of his own mostly because he has none, gains the power to draw out other people's souls as weapons. It's also about loss, pain, betrayal, kicked in the 'nads a bunch (both the characters and you, the viewer), and how to have an enormous budget and still make a goddamn terrible anime. The production values and animation quality are off the charts, and the music (this song especially) was really damn good. Too bad every aspect of the writing was godawful. A stupid plot, a horrendous main character, bitchy love interests, terrible decisions on the part of every single character... This opening theme is really the best part of this otherwise incredibly disappointing show.


Why You Picked It: This is one of my favorite anime songs of all time. The clip of it from the opening is actually the second verse, but the full song is gorgeous. It's also one of those songs that's sung in-universe by one of the main characters; the girl shown singing it right at the beginning of the opening animation is, in fact, a super-famous artist within the show (as well as a much less famous spy/saboteur). The lyrics are an oath dedicating the singer to her target, swearing to be their only ally even if the entire world turns against them. It's a really beautiful sentiment of love and loyalty.

(Too bad she's either full of shit or directing it at Gai, who is not the main character. Have I mentioned everyone in this show is terrible? Don't watch it. If you watched the opening, you've seen the best this show has to offer, it's all downhill from there.)

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