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OP/ED of the Day #33: Staple Stable / Senjougahara Tore

Staple Stable and Senjougahara Tore. You may be wondering why there are two songs listed here today. Actually, these are two different versions of the same composition by composer Satoru Kosaki, both are used in the anime Bakemonogatari.


Title: Staple Stable | Artist: Chiwa Saito | Anime: Bakemonogatari

Staple Stable is the very first OP from Bakemonogatari and is sung by Chiwa Saito, who also voices the main heroine, Senjougahara Hitagi, of the first story arc, Hitagi Crab. Chiwa Saito as Hitagi is easily my favorite performance of a female character in any anime (perhaps only approached by the English dub of Holo in Spice and Wolf). Like most every Bakemonogatari OP, the song's lyrics are meaningful in terms of the character and story and the animation by SHAFT is creative and memorable. I love the unique sounds used for rhythm and percussion in this song as well as the bass playing. The whole production from vocals to the touch of strings and keys is just so polished and understated, its a real pleasure for the ears.


Title: Senjougahara Tore | Composer: Satoru Kosaki | Anime: Bakemonogatari

Senjougahara Tore is a piano rendition of Staple Stable with a slower far more emotional arrangement. I've included it today as part of the Ani-TAY OP/ED of the Day's lead up to Valentine's Day. This is the sort of melody that just tugs at the heartstrings and really is just a lovely piece of music. Senjougahara Tore roughly translates to "Senjougahara Fascination" which is a very apt title within the framework of the series. This theme plays within some of the anime's most memorable moments between Hitagi and Araragi.


I hope you enjoyed today's OP/ED, I'll be back every couple of weeks with another one of my favorites. If you liked it, check out my previous entry, the insanely catchy Renai Circulation.


Jonuiuc is an infrequent contributor of convention photography on TAY. You will most likely see him in the comment sections of ani-tay articles and occasionally contributing some writing that is light on graphics and editing. Even though jonuiuc can't understand Japanese, he is drawn to pretty melodies and harsh verbal teasing by tsunderes. He doesn't like everything, he just likes what he likes.

The bonus non-anime related song for today is similarly laid back and melancholy, but strangely appropriate to the Valentine season, Shook Down by Yuck.

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