Title: Hougun Houkai Shoukougun -Colony Collapse Disorder- | Artist: Yu Shimoda, Suginami Junior Chorus | Game: Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky

Description: So you’ve beaten Gullveig to the tune of Sky of Twilight. What’s next? Well... just the small matter of taking down the final boss. By the way, how many of those weird rectors did you find in this dungeon? Cause the more of them are still operational, the more powerful the final boss is, capping out at level 99 with corresponding stats if you’ve left everything running. Either way,she’s about to tell you exactly what she thinks of you and your species.

A bit of background: The humans in this setting destroyed their world in the pursuit of alchemy (and specifically alchemic weaponry, iirc).The world map is a stark dichotomy between what little remains ofgreen land and human civilization on one side and an encroaching,all-consuming desert on the other. The final boss is an automaton that was supposed to research how to save the land from its slow death, but in her observance from the aerial Unexplored Ruins, she has given up on humanity. Honestly, she’s got some pretty good reasons to do so.

Why You Picked It: Colony Collapse Disorder is one of my favorite songs from the darker side of anime tunes, a wonderfully creepy song. It starts off with a vocal representation of the final boss’s broken mechanics clanking, followed by murderous desire, and then a lamentation of why humanity is terrible. I was unable to find an English translation of the lyrics so I pidgined one up myself so you can see what she’s singing about:

コッココッココッココッココッココッコ x8
*broken robot sounds*
Collapse, D-D-Decay, E-E-End, F-F-Finale, A-A-Annihilation, P-P-Purge, D-D-Darkness, O-O-Obliteration
コッココッココッココッココッココッコ x4
*more broken robot sounds*
Human civilization is an apocalypse of the fantastic,
a cycle of grief repeating until death returns them to the Wheel.
Humanity and its knowledge are an apocalypse of the fantastic,
a loop of creation and destruction until death returns them to the Wheel.
Ah, the meaning of life!
Ah, the will of the dying!
Ah, to love and to be loved!
Yet people would die to keep fighting.


See? Amazingly creepy. Shimoda’s voice blends in with the high pitches of the Suginami Junior Chorus to produce an extraordinary, otherworldly atmosphere for the fight, with equal parts wonder and menace. It makes for a really cool background tune for the final fight, and it’ll probably repeat several times before you take down the boss (especially at maximum power).