While this tune would probably not be out of place blaring over a lightstick illuminated dance floor somewhere, this is the “opening” song of World Trigger.

Title: GIRIGIRI | Artist: Sonar Pocket| Anime: World Trigger

World Trigger is somewhat unique, in that this “opening” sequence is not regularly run at the beginning of the show, it usually shows up about halfway through any given episode. I also find that while the OP is fairly upbeat and hype, the recurrent theme music used in the show is actually a bit too relaxing and mellow for my tastes.

Soundtrack quibbles aside, I really do enjoy the show, which was surprising since it didn’t really give off the most eye-catching first impression. Don’t let the simplified art style fool you though, World Trigger is a seriously entertaining shonen, providing a squad based battle show were the outcomes of fights are based off of tactics rather than the endless ramping-up of a characters’ power. The upside of this simplified art style is that there is never any noticeable drop off in art or animation quality during its long-ish run. This art design must be easier to produce consistently (probably the secret sauce behind stuff like the Simpsons, Family Guy, andSouth Park). Its actually quite pleasing once you get used to it. I’d advise you to check the World Trigger out, it takes a handful of episodes to establish the setting, but only gets better and better.

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