Title: Mirror | Artist: Yasuda Rei | Show: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (The Irregular at Magic High School)

Description: This is the second ending to MKnR, a show about one of the most OP protagonists in anime history. For everyone that jokingly refers to the biggest, baddest magic spells as ‘nukes’, this show is for you. I was not a big fan of the second opening or ending when they first started, but both rapidly grew on me. Mirror in particular is a great song, and the other song on the single album is one of my favorites ever.

Why You Picked It: Mirror is a really gorgeous song, and applies well to Miyuki’s motivations within the show. One of the lines in the chorus sums things up really well. It translates approximately to: “As long as I can see your smiling face in the mirror, that’s all I need.” It’s very appropriate considering his position, effectively assigned to her shadow. It’s probably bittersweet for her, though. The song starts out soft but builds up to a powerful chorus, which is one of my favorite musical techniques.

The visuals also use some interesting tricks; the slowly rotating pillars of light and still shots being moved around without moving themselves are matched to the slow buildup of the main verse, and as it ramps up, the scenes changes and we get a faster montage of the seniors before it switches to actual animation for the chorus. It’s a great presentation all around.