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OP/ED of the Day #219: Programming For Non-Fiction

Title: Programming For Non-Fiction | Artist: Asou Natsuko | Show: Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou (Modern Magic Made Simple)


Description: It’s a fun little song for a fun little show. MMMS is a magical girl show with a little dash of CGDCT. In this show, the complex rituals and precise magic circles required to cast spells have been updated to modern times by way of computers. It wasn’t a new concept even when the show aired in ‘09, but it’s a decent execution of it. Instead of traditional wizards, people must now learn computer programming to cast magic. The protagonist is kind of a ditz, and a total newbie to computer programming in the usual sense, let alone the magical kind. Most of her programs... err, I guess fail to compile? This tends to result in a washbin falling on someone. (If only real bugs / compiler errors were this amusing, huh?)

Why You Picked It: The song is light and cute, cheerful with a bit of hope, matching the tone of both the show overall and the animation it’s paired with specifically. As far as the visuals, I particularly like how the binary strings transform into light structures before applying themselves onto reality. This is a common effect in the show itself as well. It’s not a particularly deep series, but it’s a cute take on the genres.

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