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OP/ED of the Day #205: Loosey

Since Engrish Month was my idea, I’m doubling down on it with perhaps one of the most egregious examples ever.

Title: Loosey | Artist: THE STRiPES | Show: Bakuretsu Tenshi (Burst Angel)

Description: This song is probably the best part of the show. (Why do I have so many like that...?) I barely remember anything of the plot. It’s a bunch of female badasses, and there might have been something vagely Charlie’s Angels-like going on where they were someone’s private strike team. They wield guns, mechs, yuri implications, and weapons-grade insanity. That’s the most I can recall of it.


Why You Picked It: The engrish is strong with this one. It’s got random English words thrown in the middle of sentences, sometimes several strung together in a row (Super Take Off? really?), with zero concern for grammar or even relevance in some cases. Gotta love how the entire animation stops when CRAZY BURST ANGEL comes up, because clearly that’s the priority here. The pronunciation on most of them is classically off too. The full version is even worse about it, by the way.

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