I’m glad to finally be able to bring my favorite OP from the all the Monogatari series to you (in all its various forms). Copyright takedowns have made this particular OP really hard to find online. I could just listen to this song over and over again.

Title: Futakotome | Artist: Chiwa Saito | Anime: Nisemonogatari

Since I own the Nisemonogatari Blu-Rays I can tell you that the audio for the version posted has been ever so slightly darkened in pitch and is very compressed, but it is probably not noticeable to most people on most playback systems. It still showcases the glorious catchiness of the electronic “staple spring” noises and Chiwa Saito’s vocals. If you have the chance to listen to the blu ray or pristine audio soundtrack version, you can hear it in its full glory. As with most Monogatari OPs the lyrics (look up the translation if you are interested) and original animation produced are very much relevant to the story arc they represent. The video playback of this post is interesting though, as it shows four different OP versions, I only recognize the top two title sequences but the other two may have been used in different markets or broadcasts or just bonus sequences on physical releases. While I consider the Nisemonogatari the weakest and most problematic of all the monogatari series, it does not lack in great OP or EDs or the signature SHAFT style.

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