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OP/ED of the day #195: Around the World -Initial D

Funny thing, I actually wanted to cover a different song inthe series, buuuuuut it actually wasn’t either an opening or an ending, so I settled for this opening. The the engrish isn’t too apparent in this song because it’s thrown into the song at random times in a few places, but it isn’t used often enough to make it noticeable excluding the opening lyrics.


For the song itself, I really enjoy the techno and synth beat because it’s pretty relaxing as opposed to other racing shows, which try usually try to get you pumped up. The visuals aren’t too interesting as it’s mostly still images of the characters being moved across the screen, but the beginning of the opening with the main character turning on his car with accompanying engine revving made up for the lack luster visuals. On the topic of the lyrics… I have no idea what they’re talking about. Is it about exploring the world… I dunno… I’ll let you decide

Title: Around the World | Artist: MOVE | Show: Intial D

Abertura Initial D - First Stage (pt-br... by aberturasdeanimes

P.S. The song I initially wanted to cover is called Running the 90s. You should check it out. It’s an awesome song

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