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OP/ED of the Day #19: Renai Circulation by Kana Hanazawa

"Renai Circulation" performed by Kana Hanazawa from Bakemonogatari

Renai Circulation is the OP of Bakemonogatari's "Nadeko Snake" arc (the series sports a new opening for every story arc). If you have watched a fair amount of recent anime, chances are you have heard Kana Hanazawa's lovely voice. Fans of "KanaHana" are in for a treat as she not only sings but also raps in this OP. This particular song is quite an earworm and has spawned perhaps the greatest number of mash ups, dance covers and parody videos that I have ever seen. Do a quick search of YouTube and you will see an almost endless number of them (I suggest "weed circulation" for you Snoop Dogg fans). The OP's animations are quite simple but still have that SHAFT style and reflect Nadeko's character. The actual lyrics are particularly interesting given the later events of the Monogatari: Second Season.

Well I hope you enjoy today's OP, I'll be back every couple of weeks with another one of my favorites. If you like it, check out my first entry, the incomparable Bakemonogatari ED. Please feel free to leave a comment with a link to your favorite Renai Circulation mashup, dance cover, or parody.


Jonuiuc is an infrequent contributor of convention photography on TAY. You will most likely see him in the comment sections of ani-tay articles and occasionally contributing some writing that is light on graphics and editing. He was born on a mountaintop in Tennessee, raised in the woods so he knew every tree, and slained him a bear when he was only three. Even though jonuiuc can't understand Japanese, he is drawn to pretty vocals. He doesn't like everything, he just likes what he likes.


The bonus non-anime related song for today also features a pleasantly voiced singer, Tool Sheds and Hot Tubs by Straylight Run.

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