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OP/ED of the Day #186: Let's Fighting Love

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Title: Let’s Fighting Love | Artist: Trey Parker | Show: South Park

I was having quite the time deciding on what shonen battle song with Engrish in it to use this week. So I decided to take the easy way out and went the meta route, deciding to use the mock anime theme song from South Park’s episode that was a parody/tribute to shonen battle anime series, “Good Times with Weapons”. I mean you have to give Trey Parker some credit, not only did he do a pretty decent job at singing in Japanese, but he nailed that signature sound Engrish tends to have in Japanese anime songs. Plus it is the Fourth of July weekend, so what better than to use a song made by a native English speaker that had Engrish in it that was making fun of anime songs with Engrish in them?

Also there isn’t a super long version of this song, so instead I’ll just share 331Erock’s excellent metal cover of the song.

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