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OP/ED of the Day #184: Promised Land

Today’s OP/ED is a half English/Japanese song from last fall’s Rage of Bahamut: Genesis. It always struck me as a great ending sequence, delivering a nice tonal shift at the end of each episode of this action packed series.


Title: Promised Land | Artist: Risa Shimizu | Anime: Rage of Bahamut: Genesis

This ED really just speaks for itself. The art and animation have a nice artistic (almost Charles Vess-esque) storybook feel to accompany the song. I did find the translated lyrics, to satisfy anyone’s curiosity:

My destiny... Tell me softly. Unable to see you now... There’s a far off place All alone, I cannot be heard... But my feelings overflow; pray for me... A warm memory is here with me. My dearest friend, the lie that guided us along as we journeyed, Made time fly by during those days with you. In a city with a beautiful sky above, the wind that blew through opened my eyes, reminding me of the road I’d walked thus far. You taught me, that fate can change: The truth is free. I miss you... I believe in you... You’re my everything! I will follow you, everything is as it was that time... You’re my destiny, I won’t forget; You’re not my heaven, nor my friend! With a gentle kiss, off to the promised land; Take me away to the place we vowed. Now I feel near you, no matter how far we’re apart. I’m like a star in the night sky... I’m like the moon in your heart... ‘Cause I love you.


Here is the full song for you as well:

Well if enjoyed the prettiness of today’s OP/ED then check out my previous entry Hoshi to Hana, your ears will thank me.


Jonuiuc is an occasional contributor of writing and photography on TAY and AniTAY. You will most likely see him in the comment sections of other author’s articles, contributing to collaborations, or doing short posts (like this one) that are light on graphics and even lighter on editing. Jon already used the greatest Engrish song he knows in an OP/ED post, so you are stuck with this relatively well sung song today. He doesn’t like everything though, he just likes what he likes.


There is no bonus non-anime related song for today since ain’t nobody got time for that. For everyone in the US, have a good 4th of July holiday and for everyone else, have a good weekend!

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