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OP/ED of the Day #169: Hoshi to Hana

This is the OP from one of the most criminally under-watched shows of last fall, Yuki Yuna is a Hero. This OP can be a bit unassuming at first glance, but upon closer observation its quality starts to shine through.


Title: Hoshi to Hana | Artist: Sanshu Middle School Hero Club | Anime: Yuki Yuna is a Hero

This OP is actually a good example of the type of show Yuki Yuna is a Hero actually is. It seems fairly straightforward, pretty enough, but a bit understated, maybe even cliché if you are feeling uncharitable. But when you take a closer, longer look, you can begin to notice that it is crafted quite well. You could say this about the animation, which never looks poorly done or cheap throughout the show’s 12 episode run. You could also say this about the story, which seems predictable when you start watching, but is chock-full of great character moments and is very much cohesively constructed (there is not one wasted scene or moment that doesn’t tie into the overall story). But in regards to this OP, specifically the song, you just have to listen to the sound..


So my audio-geekery will shine through a little bit here, but truly, the recording for this OP “Hoshi to Hana” (roughly translated to Star and Flower) is absolutely gorgeous. Just give this a listen through a nice pair speakers or headphones at a decent enough volume and you will hear it, it has a wonderful clarity and sense of actual “air” and space. The whole soundtrack for this show sounds just as good too! The composition of the piece isn’t too flashy, but really isn’t your run of the mill pop or rock single over an OP, it is very much of a piece with the rest of the soundtrack and sound design for the show. I just love how cohesive every part of this show is. If you have not seen Yuki Yuna yet, hopefully watching and listening to this OP will pique your interest. This show has my strongest recommendation and quality wise, it is a “Triple A” -type production.


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Jonuiuc is an occasional contributor of writing and photography on TAY and AniTAY. You will most likely see him in the comment sections of other author’s articles, contributing to collaborations, or doing short posts (like this one) that are light on graphics and even lighter on editing. Jon is amateur audiophile, his audio equipment costs multiples greater than all his other consumer electronics, computers, and video game stuff combined. He owns vinyl records and listens to live orchestrations as reference for recordings. He doesn’t like everything though, he just likes what he likes.

The bonus non-anime related song for today is a great new wave classic from the 80’s, lyrically it is very applicable to Yuki Yuna and could also be an anthem for yuri-subtext supporters as well… its “Don’t Dream its Over” by Crowded House.

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