Title: M/elody | Artist: Shion Tsuji | Show: Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Description: M/elody is the only ending from the show TM8.0. It's a very upbeat tune that very much fits the show's tone early on, but as the show began to morph in the final episodes it became dissonant, possibly on purpose.


Why You Picked it: I watched Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 early this month and it's one of the few anime that had a profound impact on me, mostly for personal reasons. I laughed, I cried, and I was really sad to see it go by the end. It's currently in my top five anime of all time.

That leads me to this ending. The ending is very happy and the singing is very much upbeat, which makes sense in the early episodes when the show plays out like a lighthearted adventure. Later on in the show it slowly becomes dissonant from the story, which becomes far more sad and introspective as time goes on. It's not that it no longer works though... to me it was more like the ending starts to become a living reminder of the early episodes of the series and how things were at the beginning.


In that way, the ending became a symbol of the show for me. Everything the show was trying to be was conveyed through this ending in a way. It's a symbol and a sombering one at that.

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