Title: Super Affection | Artist: various | Show: Carnival Phantasm

Description: It’s the opening to Carnival Phantasm, one of the most hilarious goddamned things on the planet. It’s a send-up of the entire Type-Moon universe, but it’s actually got a pretty low entry requirement. Knowing any one of the main series (Tsukihime, F/SN, Melty Blood, KnK, and in later seasons F/Z and F/HA) is more than enough, and even coming in completely blind it’s still worth plenty of laughs just for the raw absurdity of things. It’s also spawned several popular memes (Bersercar is an Ani-TAY favorite), so if you’re wondering where Neko-Arc, Grail-kun, or other excessively comical Type-MOON parody stuff is from, it’s most likely here. There’s three seasons and you should totally watch all of them.

Why You Picked It: It’s an upbeat, unashamedly bubblegum earworm. They actually grabbed 6 completely different female artists, all of whom were already ani-song veterans, and threw this song at them. The animations that go with it are great examples of the caricatures it makes of every character; Ciel and Arcueid are at each other’s throats, Rin is completely baffled by modern technology, Shinji is a worthless pile of shit, Akiha’s maids are ‘secretly’ slackasses, etc. If any of the stuff in there gives you even a small chuckle, the actual show will make you laugh your ass off. I know I am harping on this but seriously, GO WATCH IT. ALL OF IT.