Title: The Meaning of Truth | Composer: Takashi Nakayama | Show: F-Zero Falcon Densetsu


A quality of an opening can be judged in many ways. Whether it is music quality, quality of opening animation, or the mood it sets. I personally like shows that can use its opening in interesting ways. By using the opening in more than one place in the show, the show can tell the audience multiple things like how an event in the show is the start of something new or if it is a reflection on how much has changed from the beginning of the series. Thus, I chose The Meaning of Truth because of how it was used at the climax of the series.

The opening itself is overall just ok. The opening animation is quite boring because it's simply showing the cast of the show with some high action scenes if it's second opening of the show. On the other hand, the song is pretty good because it's a mix of mellow vocals with a fast paced guitar piece, which peaks at towards the end and just sends awesome chills down my spine. If I had to describe this song in one word, it would be epic. Though the opening is ok. I really remember this song from the climatic scene of the series where Captain Falcon unleashes his trade marked move all over Black Shadow's face while this track is playing. Everything about this single scene is just so awesome because the song compliments the tone of the scene, while making us reflect on our journey to get this point. When the scene finally ends, the only thing I could feel was a great sense of catharsis. It felt so good to finish a great series with a bang and the only thing I could think for next day was the line, " BOOST FIRE FULL POWAH!"

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