There is a severe lack of Zoids in Ani-TAY. I am fixing this problem as a birthday present to myself.

Title: No Future | Artist: Aikawa Nanase | Show: Zoids Slash Zero

Description: In the original Japanese version, this was the opening theme for Zoids Slash Zero, the second show in the series. (Later, in Gaijinland, Toonami broadcasted it with a dumb little English-voiced summary from the first episode, and moved the song over to become the ending theme. I’m okay with this because the JP ending isn’t NEARLY as cool as this. It’s good but this song is fucking awesome.) Zoids is a combat show featuring people piloting animal-motifed mecha. This particular entry features Bit Cloud, a brash, arrogant, stubborn youngster who bonds with the Liger Zero. The L0 is a special model equipped with a sort of blackbox setup called an Organoid that makes it not only effectively sentient but also enables it to learn opponents’ tactics/habits and attack their weaknesses. It later gains 3 sets of special armor to completely change its battle functionality. It’s a fun mecha show with a great cast, and surprisingly enough for its time, the English dub cast really sold it.

Why You Picked It: This song is fantastic. Not only did they use it as an ending (or opening, here) but it’s also used as an insert song; it’s basically the Shit Just Got Real Theme. Every time someone makes a breakout performance or turns the tables in a really awesome way, this song is going; it makes the opening bars an effective tension-riser all on their own, cause you know if they busted this song out, it’s about to get heavy. This mental association carried over a bit and even now when I play it back on my iPod and such, it still gets my blood pumping. It’s one of my favorites!