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OP/ED of the Day #115: Habataku Mirai

Title: Habataku Mirai | Artist: Eufonius | Show: Futakoi

Description: This is the opening theme for Futakoi, a harem show where every single love interest is a twin. There’s 6 different pairs of identical twin girls (that we know of) living in the same town, and damn near ALL of them want to jump the protagonist. All these twins in the same city is a pretty big contrivance to swallow, really. I’d claim there’s something in the water, but judging by the depth of the rest of the writing, it’s just powdered plot device. It’s a cute little show for its time, don’t get me wrong, but “all the girls are twins” is about the most original thing it did even back then. (The sequel is a little more interesting.)


Why You Picked It: This was actually the first Eufonius song used in an anime. Their vocal range is a little odd but I’ve always rather liked their stuff. They worked the song into the opening animation pretty well – notice they’re helping each other up that mountainside as the song is mentioning “crossing an inaccessible path” – and its major theme of bouncing back and moving on after getting hurt is rather prevalent in the show, too.

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