Title: Platinum | Artist: Sakamoto Maaya | Show: Card Captor Sakura

Description: This is the third opening to one of the defining Mahou Shoujo anime, Card Captor Sakura. It's about a little girl who gets chosen by a tiny magical beast to go around collecting special cards with mystic powers. If this sounds familiar, well... it started in 1996, a few years after Sailor Moon, and applied a similar formula to a grade-schooler instead. This one's more collect-a-thon with occasional puzzle-solving on top of the battles, since there's only 1 heroine (most of the time) and she has to use her cards cleverly to get the rest under control.


Why You Picked It: Apparently it's Nostalgia Week, and apparently "15 years ago" counts as nostalgia for the kiddies declaring such things. Even though both my songs for last month were even older than this one, this still works too (it first popped up in 1999), so here you go.

The full version is still in my iPod after all this time. It's got that rising buildup to the chorus, and I really like the violin work in this one. The song is about chasing your dreams even when the world is telling you to wake up, and it's in a good place for it; as I recall, by this point in the series, she was well established in her journey but was having more trouble keeping the whole thing a secret than actually going about her duties. Also, the few people that were in on the whole thing wanted her to stop and let someone else take over because it was dangerous. She kept going, though, because she felt better about risking it herself than letting someone take over; it wouldn't be any less dangerous for anyone else, right? In any case, she was determined to keep going, and she wasn't going to let anyone or anything stop her.


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