Today’s sequel ED of the Day is Beautiful Sky from Infinite Stratos 2 performed by the entire female lead cast. For anyone who has seen the second season, this ending is somewhat symbolic, as no matter how much the cast runs they really don’t go anywhere…


The ending sequences of Infinite Stratos are interesting in that they have consistent elements, but differ slightly each episode insofar as the order the girls are running and whom is featured in the background. The song itself is actually fairly catchy and the English parts only help it to stick around in your head a little longer. Infinite Stratos, while relatively thin on story, is one of my guilty pleasures.

This year I’ll have the continued pleasure of spotlighting a different OP/ED for you every other Thursday, I hope you will join me again. If you enjoyed the energetic vocals of the great voice actors in today’s OP/ED, check out my last OP of the Day (by one of the great singer/seiyus, Yui Horie):


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