Now that I’ve cheated an additional entry into the mix, let’s talk about Engrish Month.

With American Independence Day on July 4th, our theme for the first half of the month was a comedic look at some of the most amusing butcherings of the English language among anime themes. There were only three qualifying criteria: It contained English words; those English words must have been pronounced incorrectly and/or made no fucking sense, either thematically or grammatically; and it had to be funny for the person posting it.

Here’s what we had:

July 1: Exile: the entire Persona 4 OST

July 2: Fruity: Distance (Naruto)

July 3: jonuiuc: Promised Land (Rage of Bahamut: Genesis)


July 4: Kristof: Ride on Shooting Star (FLCL)

July 5: Koda Kazar: Let’s Fighting Love (South Park)


(While not of actual anime origin, LFL is a spoof on exactly the same subject, so we all decided it was fine.)

July 6: Kinksy: Red Fraction (Black Lagoon)


July 8: MementoMorie: Truth (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

July 10: Raitzeno: To Be Continued? (Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren’t They?)


July 11: Rockmandash: God Only Knows (The World God Only Knows)


July 12: Stanlick: Wind (Naruto)

July 14: Dexomega: Database (Log Horizon)


July 21: mdubs: Believe In Yourself (Baby Steps)

July 23: Protonstorm: Let Me Hear (Parasyte -the Maxim-)


July 24: Raitzeno: Loosey (Burst Angel)

SO! Which was your favorite? Which made you chuckle? Which made you cringe? Let’s discuss!