Title: Who’s Theme | Artist: Nujabes ft. MINMI | Show: Samurai Champloo (Episode 12)

My pick for this comes from Samurai Champloo, a series that has had a very profound effect on my musical tastes. For those who haven’t seen this anime, it is set in Japan during the Edo period. However, there is a deep hip-hop culture, where there are people rapping, breaking and tagging (graffiti). The main plot is that a swordsman and samurai help a girl journey across Japan to find a person who she calls the “sunflower samurai.”

This song was only used for one episode of Samurai Champloo, but I wish it was used more. Nujabes’ hip-hop beat combined with MINMI’s excellent vocals make this track not only relaxing to listen to, but also does a good job of creating a sense of a person’s longing for another.

Overall, this is one of my personal favorite songs and I hope that you enjoy it too!