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OP/ED A DAY: What's Up Guys?

Title: What’s Up Guys? | Lyrics: Miho Matsuba | Show: Bakuretsu Hunters | Artists: Shinnosuke Furumoto and Megumi Hayashibara


I’m not feeling like using anything I actually admire for this one, so instead I shall reach back to something I remember from the Historical Days of Anime Yore. Times when anime came on VHS and we took what there was, you young pricks. And one of the the things there was, was Sorcerer Hunters.

An LN and manga which later had both an anime series and OVA, the series was not well-received due to adaptations from the source material and has potentially the most unintentionally hilarious ending ever. Which I shall of course provide! Enjoy!


NSFW, if you couldn’t tell from the splash image.

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