Title: Vanilla Salt | Artist: Yui Horie | Anime: Toradora

Another day, another OP/ED! My pick this time around is “Vanilla Salt” by the wonderful Yui Horie. I enjoyed this song because of how upbeat it is. This song never fails to pick me back up whenever I’m feeling down. Horie’s voice sounds very sweet and fits well with the song.

As for the series, Toradora is definitely my favorite rom-com anime. It shows a lot of the ups and the downs (the vanilla and salt, if you will) of young love and how the characters grow from their respective romantic experiences. The one that really hits home is Kitamura’s unrequited love for the student council president. I remember those episodes being a bit painful to watch (plus there was an awesome and emotional fight scene that involved this matter). All in all though, this a great series to watch if you haven’t done so already. I need to rewatch this ASAP.

As always, thanks for reading/listening!