Title: Tori no Uta | Artist: Lia | Show: Air

Description: Tori no Uta is the opening to the Anime/VN Air.


Why I picked it: Keeping with the Key theme I did with my last OP/ED, I thought I’d share a Key work that most people overlook, Air. It’s one of their earlier VNs and it wasn’t the most popular work out there, with the anime being pretty average (it was one of KyoAni’s first works after all), but that doesn’t stop this OP (and a decent chunk of the anime) from being absolutely beautiful. Calming, relaxing and emotional, it sets the stage for the show extremely well while being a great work on it’s own. Jun Maeda always makes stellar music in Key works, and Tori no Uta is no exception to that.

Also, I thought I would share the full version (which is rather long!) and the VN version while i’m at it, so here they are!

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