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OP/ED A Day: To the Beginning - Fate/Zero 2nd Season

Title: To the Beginning | Artist: Kalafina | Show: Fate/Zero 2nd Season

Description: To the Beginning is the OP of the second season of Fate/Zero

Both OP’s of Fate Zero are worth a listen to, but seeing as this is second season month I’ll go with OP2. We get to see all of the major players left in this Grail War, but with special attention placed on Kiritsugu Emiya. To the Beginning has a nice, melancholy feel to it, that is perfect emotionally for the impending doom awaiting most of the characters. Kalafina does an excellent job with the vocals as well.


Last time, I showed TheIshter’s amazing piano cover of Harumodoki, and I could have gone with his cover of To the Beginning again. But let’s branch out a bit, while I still have a lot of options available to me on this second season of OP/EDs. I’m going to go with animemories1's guitar cover in 6 parts, arranged by fellow Youtuber, animelodies1:

Amazing work there, with a bit of an original take on the ending. If you are interested, he has the all parts tabs available for a free download. Once again, feel free to bring other amateur anime musicians for me to take a look at!

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