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OP/ED A DAY: Tatta Hitotsu Dake

Yes, this is late. But thanks to the overwhelming power of Kinja, I can send it back in time so everything appears fine. But, I need something I don’t really care if no-one sees... Hmm, yes...

Title: Tatta Hitotsu Dake | Artist: yozuca* | Show: Tactical Roar

You have just watched the only part of this show worth watching.

Tactical Roar is a 2006 show with an interesting premise: climate change lead to the formation of a giant cyclone in the Western Pacific ocean that has remained stable for 50 years. Sea level alteration has flooded many countries and air travel is difficult-to-impossible, leading to the rise of a new Age Of Sail, metaphorically speaking. And with it, a new Age Of Piracy, meaning larger companies form their own armed escort capability, whilst smaller ones hire from the new swathe of PMCs offering the same service.


One such vessel, the Pascal Magi, is the focus of the series. Crewed solely by women, and with the resultant sexism-derived reputation, the unfortunately-typical slew of “comedic” situations occurs when a male Systems Engineer is hired to upgrade the Magi’s software architecture, even before he can identify himself as there on official business and the Captains stepbrother. Then the ship is required to go into combat before he finishes, thus taking him along. Oh dear.

All that sounds fine, but how it is enacted is generic and bland, and too many cliches keep the story from being anything remarkable. Just watch the OP above, and ponder how horrible a show with the shown elements could be. Breathe a sigh of relief you didn’t watch it, and move on.

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